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Excerpt of Actual Review from Asia...

Caren saw this...she got a kick out of it!

November 29, 2005
By Zhuang Yisa


In fact, everyone in the diverse cast has a hang-up or two. Joanne and Maureen is one lesbian couple that can never stop bickering. Maureen, with her babedelicious body, is a constant source of emotional insecurity for Joanne, a civil rights lawyer who not only had to contend with the constant threats imposed by the authorities to shut down the apartment building in which they live, but also has to fend off suspicions of Maureen sleeping around behind her back. It is not difficult to sympathise with the emotional plight of Joanne (a charming Danielle Lee) considering the performer who plays Maureen, Caren Lyn Manuel, is hot hot hot! Girls, don’t say I haven’t warned you. As much as I would like to keep the superlatives equal on both sides of the gender, I must admit that the show really belongs to the girls.
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