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So I ended up being able to go to Caren's gig last night after all. It was a good time. It was an acoustic gig like last time. She had her friends Matt, who she played with last time and Jonathon who she knew growing up. She said she did her first musical with him! Umm.. I wrote down the
one of Matt's songs - Sooner it Gets Later (I think?)
Stalking Shadows
The God Song
one of Jonathon's songs - Good Night
Life in the Northern Town
another one of Matt's songs - Allison (there was another word in the title I don't remember)
Bicycle Riding So yeah, short and quick. It even started early! Umm.. She said she hoped her next gig would be Sept. 10 at the Cutting Room. She said she should have a full band at that one.

Umm.. she said she was starting rehearsals for 'The Times" this week. Speaking of there is a cute article in today's Post about it and it says the following about Caren.
"It was immediately clear that Caren had empathy with the Dylan material," Tharp says. "Her mother was a hard-core hippie. She came to the audition wearing some of her mother's old hippie stuff."
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