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Baby Announcement! 
06:59am 29/08/2007
  Tackett - Born Aug. 15, 2007, at Beverly Hospital, a daughter, Ravyn Sioux, to Caren and Jeremy Tackett of Boxford. Grandparents are Sandy and Charles Manuel of Boxford and Karen and Jim Tackett of Falcon, Colo.
-Salem News
Cast Recording Pics! 
01:56am 16/01/2007
  Yay! A High Fidelity cast recording!

Here is a link to the pics from broadwayworld:


Pre-order your copy. Show some love.
Rent Return 
02:09pm 24/12/2006
  High Fidelity was a fun, high energy show which didn't deserve such a short run. But luckily, we can catch Caren in Rent for TWO WEEKS ONLY this January. Exact dates TBA but..see you all back at Rent!  
12:08am 08/12/2006
  Happy Opening night to High Fidelity!

I was lucky to be able to go tonight. The show is a lot of fun. Caren is of course Caren in it. Aparently she's just real good at playing the chick who leaves the guy for another woman. ;) I hope I didn't spoil anything for anyone. Her part is real small but the rest of the cast is amazing as well.. So everyone should go see it. Also I noticed in the playbill tonight that Caren now also understudies the role of Laura.

I really hope I get to see her in one as one of the leads. Cause I mean, she is Marie, would blow the roof off the theater with She Goes, and would also be amazing as Laura.

So yay! High Fidelity, lets hope for good reviews!
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Good News! 
11:48pm 02/11/2006
mood: excited
Caren Lyn is going to be in High Fidelity, if you check the website, her picture, and bio is up!
She's playing Sarah, and is understudying Liz/Jackie and Charlie/Marie...

Awesome for her!

High Fidelity starts Previews on November 20th, and Opening Night is December 7th...
woo hoo! 
11:19pm 24/09/2006
  'The Times' starts tomorrow. I am excited. If anyone goes try and post what you think. I hope to get there sometime this week myself.

Anyone have any idea if they are having any sort of rush?

Anyhow Congrats to Caren!
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Broadway on Broadway pics! 
02:16am 13/09/2006
  Here are some links to pictures from Broadway on Broadway and an event at "The Times..." theater:




01:34pm 15/08/2006
  HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAREN! (A day late)  
Rent Swing 
01:34pm 04/08/2006
  Does anyone know how much longer Caren will be swinging in Rent, and if there are any definite dates she is scheduled to perform?

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12:53pm 26/07/2006
  So I ended up being able to go to Caren's gig last night after all. It was a good time. It was an acoustic gig like last time. She had her friends Matt, who she played with last time and Jonathon who she knew growing up. She said she did her first musical with him! Umm.. I wrote down the set listCollapse ) So yeah, short and quick. It even started early! Umm.. She said she hoped her next gig would be Sept. 10 at the Cutting Room. She said she should have a full band at that one.

Umm.. she said she was starting rehearsals for 'The Times" this week. Speaking of there is a cute article in today's Post about it and it says the following about Caren.
"It was immediately clear that Caren had empathy with the Dylan material," Tharp says. "Her mother was a hard-core hippie. She came to the audition wearing some of her mother's old hippie stuff."
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R&R gig 7/25 
01:53pm 24/07/2006
  does anyone know if there is a cover charge for R&R? how much?

don't forget, tomorrow night, 10pm, gig at R&R on W 14th St.
She said she's doing the acoustic thing again
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video and pictures from 06.28.06 GiG 
11:56pm 21/07/2006
  Caren Lyn Manuel

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
11:57am 10/07/2006
  So "Times" news is all over the place today!

I know most of us know this information already but I thought I'd update the community about it anyway. Just because. ;)

"In addition to those previously mentioned, the Broadway production of The Times They Are A-Changin' will feature Movin' Out alums Lisa Gajda, Charlie Hodges and Ron Todorowski and Luke Longacre, Jason McDole, Jonathan Nosan, Alex Brady, Lisa Brescia (Aida), Marcus Choi, John Herrera, Alaine Kashian, Keith Kuhl, Marty Lawson, Joseph Putignano and Jason Wooten."

"Beginning Monday, September 25, The Times They Are A-Changin' will be performed Monday through Saturday at 8 p.m., with matinees Wednesday and Saturday at 2 p.m. Beginning Tuesday, October 31, the musical will be performed Tuesday at 7 p.m., Wednesday through Saturday at 8 p.m., Wednesday and Saturday at 2 p.m. and Sunday at 3 p.m."

"Tickets for The Times They Are A-Changin' at the Brooks Atkinson, 256 West 47 Street will be available for pre-sale to American Express Priority cardholders July 12 and go on sale to the general public Aug. 6. The Brooks Atkinson Theatre Box Office will open for sales Sept. 10. For more information, visit the show's website at www.timestheyareachangin.com."
"Times.." confirmed on Variety... 
08:38pm 09/07/2006
  'Times' dances to Oct. B'way opening
Tharp's Dylan tuner sets date

"The Times They Are A-Changin'," helmer-choreographer Twyla Tharp's dance-ical set to the tunes of Bob Dylan, has nailed down an Oct. 26 opening on Broadway at the Brooks Atkinson Theater.

Following a minor scheduling snafu, "Times" pushes the opening of Nathan Lane starrer "Butley" back to Oct. 25 -- the original opening date for the play, whose producers had announced last month that its bow was moving to Oct. 26.

"Times" is Tharp's Rialto follow-up to "Movin' Out," her dance piece set to Billy Joel songs that closed last year after a Broadway run of more than three years. "Times," about a love triangle set in a dreamlike world of carnival workers, preemed in January at the Old Globe in San Diego.

Although enough of a box office hit to prompt two extensions at Old Globe, the show garnered a mixed response from critics. But that reception was tempered by the helmer's rep as a rigorous editor of her own work, which she earned when she turned "Movin' Out" into a Gotham success after it took a slew of critical brickbats during its Chicago tryout.

For the Broadway incarnation of "Times," Michael Arden and Thom Sesma reprise their roles as a combative father-son duo, but Caren Lyn Manuel ("Brooklyn") replaces thesp Jenn Colella, who originally played the part of the animal trainer who comes between the two men. John Selya, a Tony-nommed performer in "Movin' Out," joins the cast in an ensemble role.

Produced by (among others) James L. Nederlander and Hal Luftig, who also backed "Movin' Out," "Times" begins previews Sept. 25.

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06:05pm 30/06/2006
  So I kinda feel like updating this community. So yeah...

The gig Wed. night was alot of fun. For those of you who couldn't go she played an accoustic set. She played a little guitar herslef and had her friends Matt and Mitch also on guitar. Her brother was also on stage, although he didn't really do to much. ;)
Her set list was...

The God Song
Washing Over Blue
Born Free
One of Mitch's songs that I missed the name of.
One of Matt's songs that was called Alibi.
Life in the Northern Town
Stalk in the Shadows

She mentioned another gig at the R&R on the 25th and she seems to be on the schedual there for 10PM so that looks good. Although she is Karen Lyn again... She also said next time she'll have a full band behind her. So yeah, should be fun or something.

Here's a picture I took at Crash, just for fun... I know it sucks but whatevers...

02:13am 17/02/2006
  Did you all hear about next month?

Caren is going to be Maureen on Broadway cause Ava is going on vacation?

I assume most of you will have but I just wanted to make sure.

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Excerpt of Actual Review from Asia... 
04:09am 07/02/2006
  Caren saw this...she got a kick out of it!

November 29, 2005
By Zhuang Yisa


In fact, everyone in the diverse cast has a hang-up or two. Joanne and Maureen is one lesbian couple that can never stop bickering. Maureen, with her babedelicious body, is a constant source of emotional insecurity for Joanne, a civil rights lawyer who not only had to contend with the constant threats imposed by the authorities to shut down the apartment building in which they live, but also has to fend off suspicions of Maureen sleeping around behind her back. It is not difficult to sympathise with the emotional plight of Joanne (a charming Danielle Lee) considering the performer who plays Maureen, Caren Lyn Manuel, is hot hot hot! Girls, don’t say I haven’t warned you. As much as I would like to keep the superlatives equal on both sides of the gender, I must admit that the show really belongs to the girls.
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Fan Reviews from Asia 
04:05am 07/02/2006
  Yay! I figured out how to join! It's about time.

Highlighta from the Hong Kong ex-pat forum:

-Maureen is wonderfull. she is the one i give my biggest applause.

- I was QUITE excited about this show because this is the last performance of the tour in Hong Kong and also there's Asian pop star Karen Mok as Mimi, Jeremy Kushnier AND AND AND Caren Lyn Manuel as Maureen!!!
Caren Lyn Manuel (Maureen): I went to see the show MOSTLY to see her! I have heard clips and videos of her doing RENT and BROOKLYN and yet to hear her Evita CD! But when she entered the stage with the motorcycle entrance... WOW! She totally stole the show! Her 'Over The Moon' is the funniest ever! And she's got such an AMAZING voice! Her 'Take Me Or Leave Me' was just pure amazing! She reminds me of Idina and Eden! She's abit short I think... but that's only VERY minor! She's sexy, she's pretty and her voice... WOW! I just could NOT express how GREAT she was!!!!
I went to stagedoor afterwards! And I got some pictures with the cast and their autographs. I gave Jeremy his card with his cartoon on and he was like o_O and then said 'so you're Felix... nice to meet you!'. He was REAL nice and cool too! LOVE him! Then I gave Caren hers and she nearly burst into tears! She was jumpin up and down with joy when she saw my cartoon card of her! hehe! She hugged me and said 'I will keep this card forever!' She then said 'since you gave me something, I'll give you sth back... if I can find it!' she then dived into her bag and got her CD for me! I was SO SO SO happy!

Oh to live through their excitement... any truth to the rumor that the whole company will be back in the states by V-Day?
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this community hasn't had a post in a while so why not... 
09:55am 16/01/2006
mood: cranky

i figure most everyone has seen these, but incase people haven't...

some World Tour pictures...if anyone has more to add, i found these through compulsive bowlers...



moreCollapse )

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06:37pm 28/11/2005
  This has Caren and Rent in Budapest on March 31st 2006.

March 31st
Thália Theatre, 7:00 pm
Original Broadway-musical
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