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Fan Reviews from Asia

Yay! I figured out how to join! It's about time.

Highlighta from the Hong Kong ex-pat forum:

-Maureen is wonderfull. she is the one i give my biggest applause.

- I was QUITE excited about this show because this is the last performance of the tour in Hong Kong and also there's Asian pop star Karen Mok as Mimi, Jeremy Kushnier AND AND AND Caren Lyn Manuel as Maureen!!!
Caren Lyn Manuel (Maureen): I went to see the show MOSTLY to see her! I have heard clips and videos of her doing RENT and BROOKLYN and yet to hear her Evita CD! But when she entered the stage with the motorcycle entrance... WOW! She totally stole the show! Her 'Over The Moon' is the funniest ever! And she's got such an AMAZING voice! Her 'Take Me Or Leave Me' was just pure amazing! She reminds me of Idina and Eden! She's abit short I think... but that's only VERY minor! She's sexy, she's pretty and her voice... WOW! I just could NOT express how GREAT she was!!!!
I went to stagedoor afterwards! And I got some pictures with the cast and their autographs. I gave Jeremy his card with his cartoon on and he was like o_O and then said 'so you're Felix... nice to meet you!'. He was REAL nice and cool too! LOVE him! Then I gave Caren hers and she nearly burst into tears! She was jumpin up and down with joy when she saw my cartoon card of her! hehe! She hugged me and said 'I will keep this card forever!' She then said 'since you gave me something, I'll give you sth back... if I can find it!' she then dived into her bag and got her CD for me! I was SO SO SO happy!

Oh to live through their excitement... any truth to the rumor that the whole company will be back in the states by V-Day?
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